About Us

Brief Description:

The Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park is a publicly supported 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting all disciplines of art in the greater Estes Valley providing an no or affordable cost visual and performing arts programming year round, and acting as a vital information and support resource for the arts community (similar to a “Chamber for the Arts”) for the greater Estes Valley. Serving over 42,000 individuals each year and continuing to reach many more each year. Hundreds of CAC volunteers dedicate over 8,000 hours of service to the community each year.

The mission of the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park is to enhance the quality and accessibility of visual and performing arts for people of all ages.

A Board of Directors governs our operations and sets the overall direction of the organization annually.

ARTS REACH COMMUNITY 2014 program goals are:

  • To provide hands-on arts education (visual and performing) to persons of all ages.
  • To provide venue, exposure, and opportunities for arts organizations, local galleries and individual artists/performers thus promoting growth and economic stability for area arts.
  • To partner/network with arts organizations, artists/performers, galleries and non-arts related organizations for the betterment of community, and to foster sustainable tourism throughout the state of Colorado.
  • To provide education experiences for the public or volunteer staff in which new skills or knowledge can be gained through exposure to the arts.
  • To provide opportunities for self-esteem and personal growth through the ARTS CORPS (student volunteers).
  • To partner with other non-profits, and use arts resources to help them further their good work in Colorado.
  • To provide an internet site and staff that supply information pertaining to community arts events, education or referrals for visual and performing arts/artists and organizations.
  • To provide direct financial support of local arts and artists through a re-gifting grant program in which grants are awarded through an application process. [This support is funded via private donations.]

To accomplish these goals we organize, support and coordinate many community and visitor related art events each year. Revenues from memberships, program services, donations and grants directly underwrite the costs to meet the above goals each year.

The CAC works for and with its Affiliate and Associate Members.
We are thankful for our local media which supports the arts in the greater Estes Valley.

Board of Directors

  • Mike Oline, President
  • Cynthia Price Reedy, Vice-President
  • Robert Keep, Treasurer
  • Patricia H. Greenberg, Secretary
  • Bill Tieman, Director
  • Robert Wands, Director
  • Lynda S. Vogel, Executive Director
  • Lars Sage, Staff Assistant

Lynda Vogel receiving the prestigious Arts Are the Heart Award from Marianne Fearn in 2002 at the Colorado Arts Consortium Annual Convention held in Estes Park, CO. Vogel was selected from nominees across Colorado, and was recognized for her passion for the arts, leadership and career devotion to the arts.

The Affiliate Members

  • Chamber Music Society of Estes Park
  • Estes Park Area Music Teachers Assoc.
  • Estes Park Jazz Big Band
  • Estes Park Museum
  • Estes Park Village Band
  • Fine Arts Guild of the Rockies
  • KREV 104.7 LPFM
  • Riverside Ramblers
  • Rocky Ridge Music Center

The Associate Members

  • Park R-3 School District
  • Rocky Mountain National Park

Any member of the Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park in current standing is welcome to offer suggestions and direction to the Board of Directors to help us meet our mission and its goals. There is an annual meeting of the membership held in December for the election of officers and general business. Special meetings can/will be held on an as needed basis.


The Media Supporters

EPTV Channel 8
and special thanks to
The Trail Gazette
The Estes Park News
for always helping to publicize arts in the greater Estes Valley. The media members are great friends of the arts in our community!